Interactive windows of Benetton Stores inspire people to play and move on the street.

In flagship stores around the world including Moscow, Barcelona, Shanghai and Milan, Benetton is experimenting – replacing traditional window displays with large digital screens.

Fabrica Interactive developed interactive experiences for these areas, bringing the brand out of the store and into the street, and encouraging passers by to play and move with camera-based toys and artworks.  

We designed the setup, created a framework (based on OF) for artists to develop, and systems to manage and monitor the interactive projects remotely. We followed the project from the first installation until it could be passed to it’s own team.

I was involved with strategy (working with young interactive artists on ideas and communication), project management (following production and scaling up the project), and a web-interface to monitor the windows remotely.


Creative & Technical Direction - Oriol Ferrer Mesia
Creative Development - Paulo Barcelos
Project Management - Federica Roncalli