It's My Time - Benetton’s global online casting campaign

It’s My Time was a project conceived to begin a brand conversation with young people. The concept was to search worldwide for new faces and styles, going to where young people are – online.

The competition was simple and engaging – it asked that participants upload photos and videos of themselves, with a focus on their individuality and personal style, to be voted by other members. The winners would be flown to NY to model for Benetton’s Fall/Winter 2010 campaign. It was the first global online casting.  

The call-to-action hit the mark, it attracted a much wider participation than could be imagined. 65,000 entries in 6 weeks, from all corners of the globe. There were more than 17,000 teenagers, over 35,000 participants between 20 and 30, and almost 8,000 over-thirties.

The project was so successful that Benetton developed the short-term competition into a lasting online community.

I was part of the very small team at Fabrica that brought this to life – from the concept stage to completion of the website, and finally the campaign, where we passed the community on to Benetton’s team.

I was involved with concepts and strategy, and then as the producer bridging between Fabrica, Benetton and Mint Digital, the web agency who developed the website.


Creative Direction - Andy Cameron & Eric Ravello
Advertising - Bernardo Lecci
Project Management - Federica Roncalli
Interface Designer - Michela Venturin
Site Design & Production - Mint Digital
Flash Development - Paulo Barcelos
Social Media - Andre Amaral