#makerhood is a maker movement in South Auckland

An initiative designed and led by the South Auckland community to develop a generation of creative entrepreneurs. This project was created in a week long Mesa&Cadeira (intensive workshop) for Auckland Council.  

The base is a design component at the Oceania Career Academy – a successful trades program. This provides an incubator for developing skills and creativity with technology.

The students, along with The Roots Creative Enterprenuers, take their skills out onto the streets in “fix-it” pods. Filled with low tech and high tech tools, they help the community fix what’s broken and build using inorganic waste.

Tapping into already existing projects, #makerhood creates a platform for young people to leapfrog from unemployment and underpaid jobs to the most valuable skills in the world we are living in.

A website ( makerhood.nz ) gathers content tagged #makerhood from social media (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter). We hope that giving visibility to the local maker scene will help connect the community and inspire others.

I was a member of the Mesa and designed the website prototype.


Baruk Jacob, Barbara Soalheiro, Gabriela Agustini, Gael Surgenot, Jaco van der Merwe, Joel Umali, John Belford-Lelaulu, John Kotoisuva, Joran Kikke, Livia Araujo, Lucas Tauil de Freitas, Rui Peng, Russell O’Brien, Sandra Chemin, Waikare Komene.
Pictures and Video by: Simon WIlson.